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Services: Integrating SNVP with SD and OVO

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Services: Integrating SNVP with SD and OVO

Hi all,
I have a new installation with OVO and SD, and I've also installed Service Navigator Value Pack in SD.

I've followed the different integration guides, and now I have this problem:
- I've imported OVO nodes in Service Desk
- I've defined services in SNVP (using SD imported nodes)
- I've deployed SNVP services in OVO
- I've executed ovo_services to create ovo_services.txt file
- I've tried to import ovo_services.txt in SD to import OVO services

But I have problems to import the txt file, because some elements of the service hierarchy have numbers instead of names, and this is the search code (that cannot be a number). I think these numbers are SD ids.
I have also a "Virtual top node" in the file (that is automatically generated by ovo_services script) with numbers in column 1. For example:

SERVICE,69970093-C777-4,69970093-C777-494C-BE61-E9CDBFF99582,Virtual top node (don't remove),

So I cannot import services.
Can anybody help?

Thanks and regards,
Ramaprasad N
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Re: Services: Integrating SNVP with SD and OVO

Yeah, searchcode cannot start with numerics. It must be an alphabetic. If that is only your problem, then in the data export configuration file, you can modify the searchcode attribute. You may add something like SN (Service name) in front of the searchcode and then do an import. You can configure this in the OVSD data exchange configurastion (ini) file, using the concat function. Refer to the default NNM data exchange configuration file in service desk for an example of using functions in configuration.

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Re: Services: Integrating SNVP with SD and OVO

Hi Ram,
thanks for your response, but I have some other questions:

- Why do I have this virtual top node?
- Has anybody seen this before?
- The file is being generated by ovo_services script, installed in OVO server. So, shouldn't it create a correct export/import file?
- Is there any problem with ovo_services script? Is anybody using it?

I supposed that, using all the HP utilities, data would be ok in this file...

Thanks and regards,
Anda Apine
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Re: Services: Integrating SNVP with SD and OVO

I have seen the same problem with number in stead of name.
Problem appears in SN Value Pack
Every item in Service Desk has attribute SN name. If this name is empty numeric value (database oid) is set as name
To avoid that do this:
- fill in SN Name with value you want to use as name in SNVP.
- import data from SD one more time (delete existing items - they will not be overwriten)
- check name in SNVP - open object properties

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Re: Services: Integrating SNVP with SD and OVO

Thanks to your indication, I found some configurations that I still hadn't done.
Also, I found this PPT:
with many useful indications.

And reading the "Documentation Addendum for Service Pack 8" was also a good idea, because there are some indications about importing Service Navigator services as Service Desk CIs.

Thanks to everybody,