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Servicedesk agent stop executing commands

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Helge Langholm
Regular Collector

Servicedesk agent stop executing commands

Hi all,

I have Servicedesk 4.5 running on a Windows 2003 server. Lately I have had some problems with the agent stopping to execute commands.

Example: I have a DB-rule calling a bat-file for sending SMS to the system administrator when an incident is created. In the logserver.txt I can see the condition for calling the script is evaluated as true and that the actions (calling the script)is supposed to be executed. However the agent does not execute the action and in logagent.txt there is no entry showing the script being called. No actions are executed until we restart both the servicedesk agent and server services.

I am not sure if it is the agent stopping to respond to calls from servicedesk or if it actually is servicedesk that stop sending requests to the agent. The problem persisting when restarting only the agent service may indicate the latter.

Does anybody know what may be the causing this behaviour and how to resolve it ?

George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: Servicedesk agent stop executing commands

Hello Helge,

This was a known problem before SP15. Initially the agent executed a command and then accepted no further commands from the application server. The problem was that the program executed by the agent didn't return control to the agent. Agent waited the program to terminate, and while in that state it didn't execute incoming commands.

If you want more detailed logging run the agent service adding /MONITOR /DEBUG as parameters.

If you don't want to modify the installed server, just stop the service, go to where agent is installed and execute sd_agent.bat adding these two parameters. As long as agent is running it will produce debug info.
menes fhtagn
Helge Langholm
Regular Collector

Re: Servicedesk agent stop executing commands

Right on mark George !

Closer inspection show a script getting out of range and not returning control to the agent. I will fix the script - and upgrade from SP15 to the latest available :-)

Thanks a lot :-)
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