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ServiceCall relations

Brian Hartley_1
Super Collector

ServiceCall relations

We want to link similar servicecalls in ovsd 5.1. Then the staff would modify the master sc which will automatically update the slaves. However the relation types all seem to be symetrical, is this really the case ?
When I say X is the root cause of Y - OVSD tells me that Y is the root cause of X. This violates all laws of causality which have stood up to scientific scrutinity for the last 100 years of more !!!

Is there something I am missing ?
Regular Collector

Re: ServiceCall relations

I am using OVSD4.5, but maybe you would like this, uo to an extend off course:

Open OVSd client, select 5 ServiceCalls, Right click and choose: Update All...

Doing so allows you to update all selected SC at the same time.


Brian Hartley_1
Super Collector

Re: ServiceCall relations

Thanks, but we need to do this automatically. We are planning to use a webapi program which will trigger when the master sc is updated and will copy just the required fields.
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: ServiceCall relations


If I understand you correctly are you saying that the relation tyoe is the same from either the master or slave SC's?

If so you need to go into the admin console and define the relations with a reverse relation.

Admin Console-Data-Codes-General-Relations

You may need to create a new relation and define a reverse relation as the current one will be related to all the previous calls and cannot be updated. You will need to to create the 2 relations first and then make the relationship before either of them are used in a call.
Brian Hartley_1
Super Collector

Re: ServiceCall relations

Genial ! Thanks Mark.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event