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Service to Change relations

Jan Gunnar Helg
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Service to Change relations


Is it possible to relate Services to changes and vice versa in HPOVSD 4.5?

I can find the Service field on a change, but not the change field on a service. Nor can I manually create an entity reference, why?
The Pike
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Re: Service to Change relations

I don't think I could answer why such limitation exists. After all, Service Desk is only HP's approach to ITIL. Maybe from that perspective keeping a direct relationship between Changes and Services is not that important.

With an entity reference custom field, you would only be able to relate a single Change record per Service.

Have you considered Generic Relations?

Hope this helps.
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The Pike
George M. Meneg
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Re: Service to Change relations

Using the "official" way it is not. Using "unofficial" or "unconventional", it is.

The "unofficial" way is to run OVSD in "kernel designer" mode. The unconventional is to mess with the database.

How bad do you need it?
menes fhtagn
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Re: Service to Change relations

Hmm.. What do you actually want to achieve? What is the reason that you need to specify a change at a service? A change is related to a service (the service field in the change), so you see at the change which service the change was raised against, and you can look for the changes raised against a specific service.
Can you explain in more detail why you need a change field on a service?