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Service pages

keshava H A
Occasional Contributor

Service pages

Hi All,
I am a beginner in OVSD. While Installing OVSD on Windows server 2003, I have installed a patch SDSK_00036. But while installing the service pages it shows this error "The Operating System is not adequate for running OVSD service pages. My OVSD version is 4.5.
Can any one help me in this regard

With Thanks And Regards
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Re: Service pages


See the Supported platforms.

Windows Server 2003 is not supported.

Try to run it on Windows 2003 advanced server.

Dean Morrell
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Re: Service pages

Hi Keshava,

The installer for 4.5 was created before win2003 existed, so it doesn't recognize this OS. The workaround, as described in the readme.htm from sdsk_00036, is to:

-copy the 4.5 installer from the CD to a hard drive, so you can alter it
-copy 'hp OpenView service desk 4.5 application server.msi' from sdsk_00036 to the installer's 'server' directory, overwriting the original file
-copy 'hp OpenView service desk 4.5 service pages.msi' from sdsk_00036 to the installer's 'service pages' directory, overwriting the original

after that, you should run the installer, and it should be able to recognize win2003 and install.

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