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Service pages views

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Service pages views


I faced to strange issue with Service pages full and restricted views data display.

I have two views - one displays SCs from person and second displays SCs from organization. Both of them work fine for some time 2-3 hours, after that these views stop to display data - when i click on it, there is no data.

I tried to restart hp OpenView service desk 4.5 tomcat service - it didn't help.

I tried to delete directory localhost in C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\OpenView\service desk 4.5\service pages\work\ - it didn't help too.


And finally i tried to stop OpenView service desk 4.5 tomcat service, after that i deleted localhost directory and started OpenView service desk 4.5 tomcat service - after that views became work normally. Views worked correctly for 4 hours and situation repeated.


I can't understand the root cause of this problem.

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Re: Service pages views

Hi Denis_35,


Sounds strange, indeed. I'm no hero in tomcat or webservers at all, but maybe the logs would help?

Do you know the Java heap size, and how much it is using after a few hours?

Maybe helps.


I wish I had a tomcat troubleshooting course somewhere.



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Re: Service pages views

Hi, are you using some sort of Web server load balancer maybe?


Something that may be causing sessions to die after 4 hours?


As DrFoul mentioned, withouth being an expert in Tomcat, still I would start looking at the web logs.



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