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Service desk archival

rashid musoke
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Service desk archival

I have a HP Openview Service Desk 4.5 installation. I have tried countless times on different forums to find information on a system that archives service desk calls and gives the ability to retrieve individual calls vis service desk ID. I have posted earlier messages about service desk archival. The replies all stated that the in-built Openview archival system is not really a backup solution at all! My question is: Is there anyone who has solved this problem?
Ramaprasad N
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Re: Service desk archival

Yes, You are correct. Archiving is not a backup solution. It's a facility to remove unwanted data from the OVSD system. However, you may replicate your OVSD database and use the replicated database for reporting purposes. In other words, enable archiving only on the production DB, so that OVSD performas well. And use the replicated DB for all the historical analysis and reporting purposes.