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Service desk 4.5 mail


Service desk 4.5 mail


we have made integration of SD with MOM. MOM sends information to SD in form of below description:
The computer 'XXX' has an overloaded CPU. The average '% Processor Time' has exceeded 95 and average 'Processor Queue Length' (per processor) has exceeded 15 for the sampling duration.\n\n
and so on

\n stands for break line.

Is it possible to include those break lines symbol in email message as well, sent as a consequence of opening a new incident ?

Regards, Andrej

Marco Antonio G
Regular Collector

Re: Service desk 4.5 mail


In our implementation we don't send e-mail notifications using the default e-mail system Service Desk 4.5 offers.

Instead, a Perl Script was developed that sends the e-mail through a Command Execution that invokes the Perl Script and sends the necessary parameters, fields, messgage text INCLDING the line breaks in that very format you have used \n\n.

The e-mail itself isthen sent via SENDMAIL command.

Perhaps something similar can be done in you case.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event