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Service call related

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Service call related

I have a new question for all of you.

My client wants to have Some Service calls realeted to another service calls. And this means that one Service call cannot be done if the ones related are not already closed.

But ht problem is that in the service call form I can only relate a service call with incidents, problems or changes.

Any way to do this?

Thanks for your help in advance :-)

George M. Meneg
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Re: Service call related

Hello Carlos,

The only relation between service calls is "Subcontract service call". But this relation can be made only from "Actions" menu.

Have in mind that unless modified the "subcontract call" is a copy of the original service call.

There is NO way (unless intefering directly with the sd database - something that wouldn't make HP happy) to create this relation between two service calls. Though it appears that you could do that through data exchange or sd_event, you can't.

Relation between Service call and service calls (as also Incident with incidents, Change with Changes (not only predecessor - successor) will be available on Service Desk 5. The only problem is that no one really knows when this "mythical" version of SD will be available. Currently as I have learned is in beta 2.
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Mariana Flinta
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Re: Service call related

Hi, Carlos

In our case we open a subcontract service call with a DB rule when we change to a predefined state. We create an aditional custom field where we save the id of the service call that relates to that subcontract service call with a UI rule.
Therefore we have the service call with this field equal to the id on the parent service call. And different id and parent id for the subcontract service call.
Hope you understand what I'm trying to explain. My english is not so good.

Good luck,
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