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Service call highlight records in view

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Service call highlight records in view

Hi all,

i have a very specific question from a customer:

in a service call the creation time will be populated when the service call will be opened,
a calculated field will be populated in function of the priorty choosen...

Now the following question:

is it possbile to create a view where the records will be highlighted (for example put in bold) where 80% of this time frame has been reached... this means as from 20% from deadline???

Is it possbile to have a view like this???

Ivan Sakharov
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Re: Service call highlight records in view


I think not. Usually this task is made by using field "To deadline", for example if "To Deadline" is less than 1 hour than make BOLD style. Note that this works only if this field is present in current view.
Ruth Porter
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Re: Service call highlight records in view

Hi there,

You cannot do a simple %age calculation - you can only say a specific time interval from the deadline.

Using "To Deadline" can give performance issues - in fact in version 5 it made a view for one of our customers virtually useless. If that is the case, you can use a scheduled DB rule to set a custom code field to a value when the relevant time is reached and then use this cudtom field to highlight the rows. If you need help with such rules just ask.

Hope this helps, Ruth