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Service Pages error

Konstantin A. S1

Service Pages error

Dear colleagues,

since having problems with HP OV, I reinstalled the server side. Service Desk works fine, but I have problem running Service Pages.

Service pages server successfuly starts, but I see no tools on the left side in internet explorer sd homepage. Instead I have Apache Tomcat/4.0.3 - HTTP Status 500 - Internal Server Error there, the rest is displayed (still images).

Viewing the source gives: at Source)

root cause

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/tools/javac/Main

windows 2000 server
open view sd 4.5 sp23
jre 1.6.0_02
jsdk 1.3.1_03
%java_home%=C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_02
repositary on separate SQL 2005 server

Will be grateful for help.


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Re: Service Pages error


your problem might be related to the java version where your JAVA_HOME is pointing. Java 1.6 is not yet supported according to this site:

Try chaning the java_home to java1.3's and then reinstalling SSP and its tomcat service.

Randall Barrantes
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Vasily Kamenev
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Re: Service Pages error

If you are using one machine for Applic and SSP - you need use Java 1.4.2_09 or higest and set hava_home to this one JDK folder. Because Application server compiled on java 1.4.2 this is the best way to use.

Dean Morrell
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Re: Service Pages error

I've had problems with Java 5 and SD - I don't imagine that Java 6 is any better - when they say it's not supported, they really mean it.

Also, something that I find which helps is to tell tomcat explicitly which instance of Java to use, especially if you have more than one Java app running on that machine.

This is done in the service pages\bin\installtomcatservice.bat file - change the third argument from DEFAULT to the full path and filename of jvm.dll (for example, "c:\j2sdk1.4.2_09\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll"). Then, run reinstalltomcatservice.bat, start the tomcat service.

(note that you can also do the same for the Service Desk app server service, if it gets confused as to which Java to use.)

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