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Service Pages - NeverEnding Story

Dan Ioan
Frequent Visitor

Service Pages - NeverEnding Story

Dear friends,

We are attempting to use Service Pages by our remote IT&C officers, instead of end-users. The problem, in this case, is: service calls statistics per cost centre (organizations) will be affected, because IT&C officers belongs to IT&C organization and not to real callers organizations!
The idea is to create a smart action or DB rule to replace, for all service calls created via SP, current caller name (belongs to IT&C officers) with a real caller name belongs to an end-user from local organization, based on text string placed into Information field.(e.g. "Caller ID='8145'", where 8145 is real caller employee number)
Have somebody experienced this before?
Hopefully waiting for your answers,

Best regards,

Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: Service Pages - NeverEnding Story

Hi Dan,

If you use the web console then you can put the proper caller in the call. This would mean your IT&C officers have to consume a license: is this what you are trying to avoid?


Dan Ioan
Frequent Visitor

Re: Service Pages - NeverEnding Story

Hi Ruth,

Yes, indeed, we don't have enaf conncurent and named user licenses. We intend to migrate to SD 5.0 near future and web console will be an option.
What is funny using Service Pages are two things:
1. When a SC is raised by a remote IT&C officer the real caller (end-user) name cann't be used because end-user doesn't have SP accounts.
2. When a SC is created and assigned to a remote IT&C officer he can't see SC because is not the author (caller) of that SC!
So, I'm still waiting for a solution or for Web console implementation.

Kind regards,

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