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Service Pages Account creation error

Metin INAN_1

Service Pages Account creation error


I am implementing Service Desk SP15 on Win2003 SQL Server 2000.I have 232 SP accounts right now.When I try to add a new SP account I get the following error:

"The maximum number of accounts (0) has been reached for the current license."

This is not logical.As far as I know SP accounts have nothing to do with licence issue.

How can I solve this issue ?

Marc Hummel
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Re: Service Pages Account creation error

service pages doesn't require a license for the account.

Do you have all your licensing installed?
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Re: Service Pages Account creation error

Hi Metin,

Are you associating the SP account with a application account as this will take up a license ?

Also change the view of your accounts and add the column that showed the user type , I can't remember the field name but it shows the named user or concurrent user.
Make sure the accounts is concurrent user type and not named user type.
Metin INAN_1

Re: Service Pages Account creation error

Hi All,

I have figured out the cause of the problem.The problem has occured since we defined a named account without having named license.When I removed that account from the system, everything worked fine.

Thanks for all replies,

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