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Service Page / Web API Users

Nasser Kolathum
Super Contributor.

Service Page / Web API Users

If any users using web api or sp, is there any log files or specific table or field that writing each users in & out detail records?

I need to find the way of extracting the number of users accessing the server today/an hour for the reporting purpose. Is there any mind blowing tricks?. I am using SD4.5 sp6

Current method of monitoring users via admin console will only give you the current status, and no way to extract the historical records of SD usage.

Thanks to all your kind attention.

B' Rgds.
Radovan Skolnik
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Service Page / Web API Users

AFAIK there's no such feature existing out of the box. However the solution should not be that complicated. Change ServicePages login page so that after succefull login record is written into database. Upon these you will be able to do some reporting.