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Service Pack 17

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Service Pack 17

I have Service Desk version 4.5 SP 15 at present. We have developed a web front end to Service Desk to allow users to create Service Calls, look up Service Calls, history etc.

I want to upgrade to SP 17 as I have some issues with the CMDB views which HP tell me are resolved with SP 17.

My question is this, will my standard/custom form fields change or will the front end API's which call on sd_events change at all?
Is it safe to apply the service pack 17?

Has anyone experienced changes in the database field naming or table schemas?


Re: Service Pack 17


it seems there are problems in SP 17 as well.
ITSM008311 case.

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Re: Service Pack 17

How do I get to the information on the ITSM008311 case.
Steven De Smet
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Re: Service Pack 17

go to and in the self solve knowledge base enter the case id, or surf directly to this link

You need a login for this information but you can request one using your system handle.

The case is that there is a problem creating an incident with sd_event when the description field has more then 80 char.

I've sp 17 installed and have no problems (even running on Oracle 10g). Offcourse common practice to first install the SP on your test environment.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event