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Service Navigator Value Pack on non-English systems

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James Mohr
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Service Navigator Value Pack on non-English systems

Hi All!

I have an German Windows 2000 machine and we are running OVSD 4.5/SP16. I have installed the SNVP with the appropriate SP for the Service Desk. I cannot configure an OpenView data source as the character set is empty. I have a call open with HP support and after about five weeks, we are still no closer to a solution.

The call has been escalated to the lab and their current guess it to try and remove both the SNVP **and** the Service Desk and start over from scratch. Before I re-install, they want me to set the regional settings to English, even though neither the OVSD or the SNVP say this is required.

Foolish as I was, I installed this on our live system without testing it first as I have always trusted HP software, so removing the OVSD is not a happy thought.

My biggest question at this point is whether someone has successfully installed the SNVP on a non-English system. If so, then there should be no reason for me to do it.

Any info is greatly appreaciated.


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Re: Service Navigator Value Pack on non-English systems


I had the same problem with installing SNVP on Russian Windows 2000 system running OVSD 4.5/SP 11. I believe I spoiled something in SNVP installing sequence, since the reinstallation of SNVP and OVSD solved the problem.

The sequence that worked for me:
1) upgrade OVSD with SP coming with SNVP
2) install SNVP
3) update OVSD database
4) load SNVP modules in OVSD database
5) install SNVP SP
6) update OVSD database and SNVP modules
7) install SNVP client
8) upgrade SNVP client with appropriate SP

After all this done you should be able to choose character set for your OV management server. If you need additional character set (by default you're provided only with ISO-8859-15 and Shift_JIS) you have to add it in SD->Data->Codes->OVO management server->Export language.