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Service Module: All or Nothing ?

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Service Module: All or Nothing ?

On the advice of our HP consultants, we decided against a full implementation of Service Management (even though we used this feature in our old support tool).

We have a field on our Service Request form for Service, however if we make it required, several other components break.

It seems if the Service field is set to required, the system forces a lookup to the Services a client is related to. Since we didn't do a full Service implementation (just populated a list of services), we get a blank list.

Problem? Any template that auto-populates service will now populate NULL instead of the servicename. Additionally, agents have to use the button on the left side of the field and click (show all services) rather than using the normal search or text entry method.

So... is there a way for us to make Service required without paying through the nose for consultants again?
Sean Almond
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Re: Service Module: All or Nothing ?

Use a User Notification Message in a UI rule, before an item is saved, where Service is Empty, blah blah. This should force users to fill in the service before the form can be saved.

Not all consultants are bad ;-)
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Re: Service Module: All or Nothing ?

Hey Sean,

I've BEEN the consultant (for other tools), so I'm not levelling my wrath at all consultants. Don't you find it strange though, that a critical part of the way we do business was cut out of the implementation for the sake of convenience?
When my CIO asks me to show our performance per service... how's he going to feel that only 15% of Requests have service populated because we can't get it required?

Thank you kindly for the UI rule suggestion. Unfortunately any template which populates Service automatically still won't work. And if the template can't auto-pop the service, then the rules depending on that action won't fire.

What I need (and I'm 95% certain I'll never see) is a way to get the Services table to just STORE servicenames until we do a full Service Management implementation.
Rikard Ekman
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Re: Service Module: All or Nothing ?

Hello Hater,

Yes indeed we are all bad! :-)

Seriously, I belive you best shot is to add a preliminary SLA with all services related to it, where you put in all recieving entities on the SLA for the services.
Just to make the SLM module to work. That is if I understod you correctly that you have the SLM module, but no service three modeled in it..

Thereby you can use all features like metrics and objectives.

Best Regards


PS. You will neeed to put recivers on the service objects as well on the SLA object to make the magic happen..

It might even be a good idea to add a parent old_service object that you list all your services as children to, then relate just this parent service object to the SLA, depending on how many services you will add to your users..
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