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Service Desk missing tabs??

Super Collector

Service Desk missing tabs??

I've recieved some calls from a couple of users saying they cannot access some specific tabs in a Work Order item.

They only have the General, Time/Cost and History tab.

This is really strange as at the moment I can't attribute the problem to a Roles issue, since I have checked with other colleagues and they all have the 'missing' tabs available to see and use, and they all have the same Roles assigned.

Does anyone what determines tab access?
Super Collector

Re: Service Desk missing tabs??

Found the problem - after throughly checking their application accounts I found out there was one role I missed from placing into my test account, and it seems that was the culprit. It somehow managed to change the default form used. I've instructed the users on how to deal with this problem!
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event