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Service Desk client on Windows Vista

Metin INAN_1
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Service Desk client on Windows Vista

Hi All,
One of my customers plan to upgrade to Windows Vista in 6 months.I was wondering If my customer can use Service Desk client on a Windows Vista system.

Elias Abboud
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Re: Service Desk client on Windows Vista


Well it is not yet supported for sure. I mean vista is not yet released and from my experience HP tends to take its time in adding newly released operating system support.

But this is not meant to be a showstopper. I had a client wanting NNM console on a vista (beta version!!!) and I did succeed in making it work for him. But of course, no support from HP on that :)

If this is your case, then I suggest you test it out and see if it fits. But do not expect HP support for it. Anyway the core part that you should be sure to have support on is the server because (imho) client part is not very hard to fix problems on since it does not contain much of the logic.

Another alternative is to try web console instead of the JAVA client.

Have fun...
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