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Service Desk client hanging

Jay Mistry
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Service Desk client hanging

Hi all,

We seem to be experiencing some problems with the Service Desk client hanging.
We have "automatically invoke service quick find in service call" switched on via the admin console.
When a user enters a caller and tabs away then the service quick find window is invoked. The problem we are having is that the window appears but it just freezes, no services are shown and the client just hangs.
I have attached the error that appears in the logserver.txt.

This is happening for a number of users on different PC's. we are using SD4.5 SP18, Oracle 10.1

Has anybody seen this problem before and can you give me any idea how we can resolve it?

Vasily Kamenev
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Re: Service Desk client hanging

look on two lines:
Mon, 21/01/2008 16:24:48 Rule: New Workorder Net SendNew Workorder (Command Exec Action) Agent: localhost: not responding (machine switched off?).
Mon, 21/01/2008 16:24:48 Rule: Email to selected teams for new WOEmail to whole team (Command Exec Action) Agent: ybsnt50: not a valid host.

you have wrong configured 2 rule.

copy text from SELECT to 281547751030829))
can you execute this query in query manager without problem?

did you recomendation by ITSM007870?

Jay Mistry
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Re: Service Desk client hanging

Hi Vasily

What is recomendation ITSM007870? which SP does this come in?

Yes I am aware of a couple of rules that are misconfigured, I am working on removing these from our system since we have migrated servers.

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Re: Service Desk client hanging

Vasily is referring to this:Connection errors can occur when the version of the Oracle JDBC driver in the
file, located in the \jdbc\lib folder, differs from
the version installed on the Service Desk application server (...\server\lib).
The file and the Oracle libraries can only communicate when they
are both of the same version. To resolve this problem you have to replace the in the \server\lib folder by the file located in the Oracle home folder (default for the Microsoft
Windows platform: C:\oracle\product\10.1.0\client_1\jdbc\lib).

Also as you have recently move servers, your rules may be referring to your old server hostname which is no longer active.