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Service Desk Agent Stops Working

Alfredo Lanzo_1
Acclaimed Contributor

Service Desk Agent Stops Working

We have Service Desk 4.5 running under HP-UX 11.11. We are implementing some database rules that use Command Exec Actions to run some java classes on the server.
We activated the /MONITOR option on the agent in order to see what is happening.
The first time the rule is triggered the command is executed correctly. After that the agent stops working and don't show any sign of live until we restart both agent and application server.
This only happends when the Action runs a java class. If the action contains, for example, a shell script creating a file with a message the agent works pretty well.
Any suggestion?
Senior Member

Re: Service Desk Agent Stops Working

Hi Alfredo.

I don't know such case, but I doubt JRE's version. What JRE version do you use ?
Can you try other JRE version ?

My case isn't Agent. But I used JRE After installing AP server, sd_dbconfwzard couldn't work. This was known problem, So I downgread JRE to

I think it might not be related your problem.
But I suggest you to check JRE's version if it is possible.

Of course, Please see other suggestions too
(Because I am beginner).

Miguel Rodrigue
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Re: Service Desk Agent Stops Working

hi uhyo,

I had the same problem. I'm using version This is the version that is on the installation CD...
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event