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Service Desk 5.2

Allison Murray_

Service Desk 5.2


Can you tell me if this version is BS15000 compliant

Jasper Verweij
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Re: Service Desk 5.2

Good question, because HP just released Service Desk 5.0 ....

Robert S. Falko
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Re: Service Desk 5.2


Software cannot be BS15000 compliant. Only organizations can be BS15000 certified. Although using ITIL advice is a good way of meeting BS15000 compliance, it is not the only way. Hence, the specific tools and solutions an organization uses for Service Management cannot be evaluated with respect to their BS15000 compliance.

If you want to know if OVSD 5 ALLOWS you to work in a way consistent with the recommendations of ITIL, then I think the answer is yes. As for OVSD 5.2, I am a mere mortal and do not know what HP is planning for that release. I would be surprised if it were radically different from 5.1.

Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Service Desk 5.2

Hi Allison

If implemented to ITSM / ITIL standards it will stand up to BS15000. However the implementation of any tool alone will not unless you align you processes, procedures and instrucions with OVSD to be a balance between what the customer wants & needs and the requirements of the standard.

There are other tools available to use but it boils down to how you intergrate and align your system, rocesses and procedures as above.

For what its worth we have achieved BS15000 and we are using Openview Servicedesk

This is the spin:

HP OpenView Service Desk supports the processes described in ITIL.
HP OpenView Service Desk is based on ITIL and the HP reference model and benefits from their combined knowledge
Service Desk is a very thorough implementation of ITIL, honored by leading IT industry analysts and IT publicists. Using Service Desk you will benefit from the best practices of ITIL