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Service Desk 5.1 for Windows

Occasional Contributor

Service Desk 5.1 for Windows

Hi guys,

I am using Service Desk 5.1 for Windows 2003 server and I am facing some problems.
I related a classification with the checklist Wizard. However, When I select a classification I am receiving the following error message:Error to execute the checklist Wizard

Somebody can help me please?

Tks in advanced,

Quelen Soares.

Re: Service Desk 5.1 for Windows

Hi, U r relating Classification and checklist wizard through DB rule ??
Try to reconfigure DB rule. Also which SP u installed ?

I was facing same problem with Classification and category wizard. I was configure (Related both) through simple DB rule. After reconfiguring the DB rule, i can able to map classification field with category.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event