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Service Desk 5.1.066 Java Web Start Error

Munir E. Mahoma
Occasional Advisor

Service Desk 5.1.066 Java Web Start Error


I Recently updated Service Desk 5.1.028 with service pack 5.1.066, but the only thing that is not working is the Java Web Start Client.

When I run http://servicedesk/jnlp/ovconsole.jnlp it opens the login user dialog and when I try to access with any account it displays the following error:

I checked the log and I seem to be getting a warning of a changed ID. I have attached the log file system.log.txt.

It worked before the update.

Any help would be great. Thanks!


Re: Service Desk 5.1.066 Java Web Start Error

You are not alone. We opened a ticket with HP on this. If you install the SD client this problem goes away - of course the purpose of having the WS is to avoid the installation of the client in the first place. After we opened the ticket we were unable to reproduce the issue and now it only happens periodically. Maybe you'll have better luck opening a ticket than we did. They went through the normal steps of purging the WS cache for the server, which didn't work.
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