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Service Desk 5.0

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Craig R Taylor
Honored Contributor.

Service Desk 5.0

Hello all,

I was wondering if there is an evaluation version of Service Desk 5.0. From everything I've heard you can't upgrade to 5.0 but I was hoping to start get a feel for it. I have a "sandbox" to play on to try out things and I just wanted to have a peek at it and see how it compares to 4.5.

Is there such a thing out there and where can I find it?
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Utku Sertan Elg
Respected Contributor.

Re: Service Desk 5.0

Hi Craig,

Usually I find such eval. software at;
But this time I was unable to find it out there.
If you fail to find one, don't hesitate to contact me from for an uplink or ftp, while I am asking if this is a legal share...