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Service Desk 4.5 new admin

Tom Fiore
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Service Desk 4.5 new admin


I cannot find an administrator doc that defines how to create a new workgroup. I just started tinkering with Servicedesk 4.5 (SP27) and I wanted to update some existing workgroups and create new workgroups.

I cannot for the life of me find out where to begin.... Another thing I am desperately going to need to know is DB and UI rules... it is all greek to me... so if there is a good ADMIN guide out there somewhere could someone please let me know?

At the very least if you know off the top of your head how to create/find existing workgroups within the Administrator console id greatly appreciate it.

thanks in advance
Alexander Kriku
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Re: Service Desk 4.5 new admin

groups, that logically store access rights for entities, are called roles.
admin console: security - access - role

workgroups that unite several persons can be accessed via sd_client main window: left panel, organization - workgroups.