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Service Desk 4.5. Service Pages. Users (SP-account) unable to login

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Service Desk 4.5. Service Pages. Users (SP-account) unable to login



We decided to deploy Service Pages (SD OV 4.5, SP 37) a short time ago. And we got the problem...


Users, who created by SP-account cannot to login in Service Pages. They got the error:

"Object Server login failed: Access denied: incorrect account name or password. Click OK to retry to log on".

But... Users, who created by Application Account can to login in SP... I don't know what's wrong...


Can somebody help me?

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Re: Service Desk 4.5. Service Pages. Users (SP-account) unable to login

Object Server is what the application server for Service Desk 5 is called.

At the time of SD 4.5, there was no object server.


But neither the Service Pages for SD 4.5 nor SD 5.x mention Object Server if the login name is wrong.


What is the URL where users go to access Service Pages?

Is there a Service Desk 5.10 system that they may be confused with?


It sounds like the users want to access the WebConsole, and then the URL will likely include "ovportal"

Has the WebConsole server been patched to sp37 too?


The WebConsole's servlets should connect to the SD 4.5 server mentioned in the conf/webconsole/share/stations/mgmtStations.xml.

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