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Service Desk 4.5 SP20 : Merge Result

Kashif Masood_1
Regular Collector

Service Desk 4.5 SP20 : Merge Result

We are facing a problem with some of the service calls with respect to the merge result window. We would like to know why is this happening? Following is the scenario:

userA "registers" a service call and assigns it to himself. Save and closes the call

userA opens to call and changes the status of the call to "In Progress". When save and close is clicked the attached pop-up window appears with the message "The item has been changed by the system or another user. The differences have to be merged. Do you wish to continue?"

Please also refer to the attachment. We would like to know this symptom is happening and how can we rectify this. Thanks in advance, Regards, Kashif
George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: Service Desk 4.5 SP20 : Merge Result

Hello Kashif,

This is probably because some rule is "triggered" on the underground. I see on your doc a field named "Acknowledge Time". It must be set by a db rule that messes with the open item.
menes fhtagn
Kashif Masood_1
Regular Collector

Re: Service Desk 4.5 SP20 : Merge Result

Thanks George,

You are right, we have a field "Acknowledge Time" which is getting update with the current time when the Acknowledgement status changes to some value. After disabling this rule the merge pop-up is not coming anymore. I will try to delete and re-write the rule ( maybe its corrupted somehow) as we require to track the time of call acknowledgement. Thanks once again.
Kashif Masood_1
Regular Collector

Re: Service Desk 4.5 SP20 : Merge Result


I have tested so many times by deleting and recreating the rule from scratch, however, it is the same symptom everytime, i.e. when the rule is enabled the merge.... message is displayed and when the rule is disabled the call behaves normal at "save and close". The issue is that we need to ahve this field on the form so that to verify the time of acknowledgement of the call. Please comment and advice, I am also thinking as a last resort to enable the assignment status via auditing however we still would like to have this field which is of "data and time" type to be present on the form and updated with a db rule. Regards, Kashif
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Service Desk 4.5 SP20 : Merge Result

Hi Kashif,

Order rules (DB and UI rules). in the first place, all the rules that update fields.

Don't use "Rules by category (System)" view. You need use "Database Rule (System)" view or "UI Rule (System)" view.

Administrator Console, Bussiness Logic, [CH,SC,PRB, etc...]. Use the arrows to "Move down" or to "Move up" each rule.

Additionally, if a DBRule exist and update a field, you can do it as UIRule. Simply, delete DBRule and create the same rule and conditions but in UIRules: the "Acknowledge Time" can be set to current time, before the item is saved and the status is anything.

(excuses by my poor writing)
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event