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Service Desk 4.5 Overview action

Regular Collector

Service Desk 4.5 Overview action

How do I create an overview action in which the classification in Service Call should match the category in CI and the matching CIs must be listed?
I want this action to work in my Service call.
We are using SD 4.5, SP 21.
Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: Service Desk 4.5 Overview action

Hi Praveena,

You can only do an overview action where you can test a field in one record against the other and this is not allowed for CI category and SC classification.

Try a smart action using sd_dataform instead. This is documented in chap 5 of the admin guide but try it by hand in a DOS box first:

sd_dataform -ListAlways "Name of any CI form" "Category=sc classification value"

Then set up a smart action on a SC with parameters such as:

-ListAlways "Name of any CI form" "Category=[Classifcation]"

Hope this helps, Ruth
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event