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Service Calls and Configurattion Items

Sonia Urbaneja
Senior Member

Service Calls and Configurattion Items

Hi all,

is it possible to relate two CIs to the same Service Call?.

In my customer there are an instance running in different servers.
In CMDB, only one instance has been created (with the realtions to the many servers where it´s working).

Now, when the user wants to open a Service Call, he points to the instance, but in some way, customer wants to display in this Service Call, in which server it´s happenning.

What can we do?.

Thanks in advanced.
Best Regards,
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: Service Calls and Configurattion Items


I think you could use the field "Sc. CI 1" to allow 2 CI's to be related in individual fields.

What hapens if in your instance the 2 servers are are fault - how do you display them in the SC. This could be useable in your situation above but is it scaleable for all scenarios that involve more that one related CI being affected?
Jay Mistry
Frequent Visitor

Re: Service Calls and Configurattion Items


Service Call only has a single entity reference for CI. You have to use Work orders if you need a SET of CIs

A similar thread was discussed recently:-

hope this helps

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event