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Service Call to Change

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Stefan Sagstett
Trusted Contributor.

Service Call to Change


I'd like to automatically create changes with work orders when service calls are entered by service pages having fields medium=Web and Category=RFC.

Well, should work with DB-Rule.

When service call is created
Where Medium (*) equals Web
AND Category (*) equals RFC (Request for change)
test-mail (Send e-mail message) , Send to...
This statement is working so far.

But how can I create a change automatically out of the service call's data?

Command Exec Action in the DB rule and sd_event.exe? Never worked with sd_event before. Is there a documentation available?

Are there other ways to do that? Any ideas?

Thanks very much in advance...

Mark O'Loughlin
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Service Call to Change

Hi stefan,

download the dataexchange guide for serverdesk from here
Stefan Sagstett
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Service Call to Change

Everything is working fine now. Found all I needed in the linked document.