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Service Call fields not available as filters

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Marco Antonio G
Regular Collector

Service Call fields not available as filters


I am trying to create a view that displays all Service Calls where the Open Duration is greater than 24 hours.

However, while this attribute is available as a Field for a TABLE isn't available as a Filter.

I find this very strange as the attribute Actual Duration is available both as a field and filter, thus it doesn't seem to be a problem with SD's time fields in general.

We are using SD 4.5 SP23;

Thank You in advance!


Re: Service Call fields not available as filters

It's indeed not possible to add this field to the filter.

Maybe it's an option to create a workaround for this like:
- Make a custom field that gets filled with the value in Open Duration.

Do you need this view for the management? Else you can create reports with (external) tools that gives you the output of all call with an open duration that's more than 24 hour.
Marco Antonio G
Regular Collector

Re: Service Call fields not available as filters

Thanks for the information my friend....the truth is, we are still waiting for the acquisition of a Crystal Report Environment for such reports, but in the meantime we wanted to allow for some level of monitoring via the SD Client.

Alternatively, I can always do a mass export of SCs and use a spreadsheet to filter out what I need but didn't want the extra hassle.

If find it hard to imagine why HP would allow Actual Duration as a filter and not Open Duration...but anyway...

Just out of Curiosity, do you know of any FREE Reporting Software that can be used with Service Desk?

Re: Service Call fields not available as filters

Hello Marco,

I don't know if there is Free software for reporting in service desk.

The package that we are using is very useful and it's called report manager (for service desk and service center).

You can find more information on the website of the developers:

I think you have to do it with the HP functionalities until you report environment is ready for use.
Jonathon Druce
Honored Contributor

Re: Service Call fields not available as filters

The reason that open duration is not available as a filter is that it is a derived value. It does not exist in the database. Open duration is a database attribute. Open duration is calculated as the record is displayed (now - Open time). (that is why it is hard to add it as a data value - when is this dtermined - last time the rcord was saved - that may have been 2 days ago!) One thing you can do is highlight on Open duration. Note to do this the open duration field must be a "column" on the table view.

Alternatively you could filter where registraion:created is greater than 1 day ago. Of course this will not take into account service time.
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