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Service Call Category field

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Service Call Category field

Hi there,

Presently have SD 4.5 SP15.

I am working with the "Service Call" Form and the "Category" field. I have built a tree of categories and use this to categorise service calls. I have 2 issues really:

1. When I add in the Category Field to any Service Call View, it shows only the last tree selection entry. For Example:

-->MS Excel
---->New User

I add in the Category field to the "All Open Service Calls view" I look at the view and I expect to see in the category field:
"IT / Applications / MS Excel / Install / New User"

instead I see only: "New User"

I need users to see the full Service Call category on each view I add it to. How do I get the Category field to display the full listing?

2. On the quick find for "Category" I have 3 views:
Category View (Tree)
Service Call Category (Table)
Serice Call Category (Tree)

I need to remove both default views:
Service Call Category (Table)
Serice Call Category (Tree)

Leaving only Category View remaining. The reason for this is the Tree is quite larger(6000 ITEMS) and I need only the colpased view available to allow for acceptable response time.
How can I do this?

See attached screen shots.

This describes my 2 major issues with service desk. If these 2 issues can be resolved I can really move forward with Service Call Categorisation.
Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Service Call Category field

1) I don't think this is possible in that view. Category and Category parent are selectable but only shows one or the other.

2) I may be corrected on this but I think that the 2 views that you want to delete are default views which you can't block / delete.
To make the views collasped by default you need to create a new view and set it to All Collasped. However the problem is that the user needs to select this new view from the list so that it is cached locally (and again if their views.dat fiel changes)- you cant make this new view the default. This is the way to acheive collasped views for category and classification. it is not great as you need the user to select the view first.
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Re: Service Call Category field

This is what I have come up with so far:

1. The Category Parent only Displays 1 upper level which is no good with 5 levels of category.

2. The default views cannot be deleted.

I am told that issue 1 is fixed in SD 5.0 but no fix for 4.5?
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Re: Service Call Category field

I have new information on this issue.

I can concatenate both the "Parent Category and the "Category field" into a custom field using a Database Update Rule.
This leads me to believe that I can point a custom field to the higher levels of the Category tree to then concatenate them all into one.

Is there any way to populate all Category levels in the tree into custom fields, then concatenate these into one field using a DB RULE?

For Example:

Custom1 = Level1
Custom2 = Level2
Custom3 = Level3
"Parent Category" field
"Category field"

Joined Field = Concatenate (Custom1 with Custom2 with Custom3 with Parent Category with Category)
David Borojevic
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Re: Service Call Category field

Hi Fiachra,

Wow. IMHO that is a very big category list. The list looks like it is a bit of a mixture of the CMDB, SC Categories and SC Classification Codes?.

Just in case you haven't yet considered this, if you have the CMDB populated with applications CIs etc then you can relate the Service Call to the CI. Then you should be able to keep the Service Call Category simple.

I have attached our SC category, classification and Closure Codes - but I am not saying these are correct as it is more about what your reporting needs are. With a well thought out SC Categories, Classifications, CIs and CI Categories, the combination would possibly provide what your category list provides and would be much easier to maintain in the long term.

I hope that provides some food for thought?