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Sending out an attachment in OVSD

Theron Greenawa
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Sending out an attachment in OVSD

OVSD v5.1 SP6

We have setup (via DB Rule) an email to be sent to clients when their Service Desk request is resolved. We were wondering if it is possible to add attachments (not links) to the email? If so can someone point me in the direction (manual etc) to getting this setup?

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Re: Sending out an attachment in OVSD

Hi Theron,

I believe that the feature that you are looking for is named Attachment Classification.

Go to Data> Codes> General> Attachment Classification Code, create one code here.

Create the DB rule to send the notification email and in the Send EMail action make sure to select the attachment code to be sent.

Then when adding an attachment to a record, set its classification according to the one set for the DB Rule, this will send the email with the attachment to the user.

Hope this helps...

Randall Barrantes
SW Support Delivery Manager