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Send reports by e-mail

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Anna Blessed
Trusted Contributor.

Send reports by e-mail

Hello all,

is it possible to send Service Call reports by e-mail?

Thank you,
Sam decosta
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Send reports by e-mail

Hi Anna,

Go through below can be helpful

points are welcome. :)

Anna Blessed
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Send reports by e-mail

To my understanding, this URL refers to e-mail notifications of Operations Manager and not for Service Desk.

What I would like to do is to trigger e-mail notifications at specific schedule for sending Service Call reports generated by Service Desk.

The Pike
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Send reports by e-mail


1. Service Desk does not create reports. While application Views can be exported to external application formats (Excel, HTML, etc.), I don't believe the export feature can be called from a script to even consider automating this.

2. Outbound e-mail functionality sends messages triggered by events in single SD items.

What you may want to consider is using an external reporting application, such as Crystal Reports. There are several topics in the forums related to this, e.g.:

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The Pike