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Security rules

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Security rules

I am using sd 4.5.
1. Can I limit range of 2 or more fields(type “Code”) depending on ROLE?(I have found only (Status))
2. Can I limit access to fields (type “Date”, “Text”), when any other fields are changing? For some values of other fields this fields should be available, and for some values this fields(Date, Text) should be not available.
3. Can I make dynamic full access limit to fields (type “Code”)? I can limit range, but it is not enough for my case.

Can any body help me?
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Re: Security rules

Sounds like you need an UI rule and generate an error pop up if user choose invalid codes.
However, I don't think the rule interface allow access to ROLE.
So you might need to create custom field or use some other fields for checking.
Robert S. Falko
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Re: Security rules


As of SP17 you may relate anything to anything, including a code field to a role. Use the Generic Relations for this.

Once you create the relation, you must indicate which code values should be available for each role.

Finally, create a UI rule with the action "Limit field value range by relations."