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Security Roles Audit and Export

Brendon Rowling

Security Roles Audit and Export


I'm looking for a way in Service Desk to export the configuration of a role for Audit purposes. EG for a role I need to list - Applied Field Security (read, write) / item, associated Actions, views, templates, Accounts etc. Is there anyway to export a role's configuration apart from simply viewing it via the Admin console or using the References Action? If not this should be added to a future service pack. Any feedback on how others have handled this issue is appreciated.

Robert S. Falko
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Security Roles Audit and Export


You can extract this information using SQL. To my knowledge, the views created by OVSD do not cover the relevant tables.

I can point you in the right direction, but I do not have the select statements already made.

The table with the roles is REP_ROLES. A certain number of other tables (or their corresponding views), end in "_ACCESS". Each of those tables will have a foreign key allowing you to join on the primary key in REP_ROLES. The only problem left is to decode the names of the objects that are java objects. I cannot put my hands on that right now - will get back later on this.