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Second server deployment

Dusko Milosevic
Regular Collector

Second server deployment

Hi all,

I need to deploy second server in our organization. This may be looked at like some sort of migration, old server will be replaced as soon as everything works. New server should take all the work during the time, and maybe will stay as only one server. Is this checklist okay?

1. Backup, backup, backup.
2. Validate Backup.
3. Export settings via ACES from 1st server.
4. Import those settings in 2nd server.
5. Point 2nd server to a SQL database.
6. Use those two servers.
7. Pass the wokrload to a 2nd server.
8. Remove 1st server.

Is that possible?

Old server runs W2K server SP4, and new server should run W2K3 R2...

I have some problems with ACES as "You can not acces current view" errors.. or something similiar, has anyone clue about this. Our licenses does not include Change and Project management...


George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: Second server deployment

Hello Dusko,

Do you want to simultaneously use both servers for a period? Why is that?

Do you want a fresh start with the new server?
menes fhtagn
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: Second server deployment


step 2. Are you changing your database as well. If not jusy point the new appliction server to it directly.

if you are changing the database can you migrate it. Aces will nto export ll system configurations that are held in the database.
Dusko Milosevic
Regular Collector

Re: Second server deployment

Okay, let say that I want to do a clean migration from one server to another. I don`t need to run two servers simultaneosly, I just wanted to see how it will work, and to have old server as a spare for some time.

So, migration it is, please advice steps..

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