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Search within HP SD history

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Alexander Ellbe
Acclaimed Contributor

Search within HP SD history

i´d like to build a view which also gives me the information stored within the call´s history. However i cant find a suitable search paramater in the Criterion search box or the available view fields.

anyone got an idea?

thx in advance
Alexander Kriku
Frequent Visitor

Re: Search within HP SD history

you can get the history via sql-query to SD database.

here's an example:

select hist.hsc_created, hist.hsc_subject, per.per_name
from itsm_servicecalls sc
inner join ITSM_HISTORYLINES_SERVICECALL hist on hist.HSC_SER_OID = sc.ser_oid
inner join itsm_persons per on per.per_acc_oid = hist.reg_createdby_oid
where sc.ser_id = 1234 -- servicecall id
order by hist.hsc_created
The Pike
Honored Contributor

Re: Search within HP SD history

Alexander E.:

You can't and you *won't* find them because they're simply not there for selection in the Criterion box.

If you are using SD4.5 (I don't know if this works on SD5.10), you can use *some* of the History fields by manually typing their name in the Criterion box in this fashion:


This undocumented feature was found long ago by someone else and posted here in the forums but I was not able to find the original thread.

Now, if you use sd_dataform, you might be able to use all of the History fields and display them on a list based on the criteria you used by using the -ListAll parameter.

Also, on Alexander K.'s suggestion, I prefer to use SD's generated Views for reporting instead of querying the operational tables, the Views for reporting have user-friendly names, especially if you are not too familiar with the SD database...

Do not forget to assign points for the answer...

The Pike
Alexander Ellbe
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Search within HP SD history

Thanksfor your info. I tried creating a SD view however my search limit is restricted to 2000 items which isnt enough for my report.

Is there any way to modify the item restriction for my HP-SD account only?
The Pike
Honored Contributor

Re: Search within HP SD history

In SD4.5 you cannot. I normally take out the query restriction after hours or during maintenance windows.

I think in SD5.10 you can apply query restrictions to Views based on Role.

Hope that helps. Points are welcome.

The Pike
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event