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SQL to delete from History Lines?

Peter Dent
Outstanding Contributor.

SQL to delete from History Lines?


I'm running SD4.5 SP17.

I need to delete rows from the History Lines where the Subject begins with "Server Config".

I identified and deleted rows from the ITSM_HISTORYLINES_CONFIG table where HCF_SUBJECT begins with the required string.

However the lines still appear in the History of the CI when viewed through the GUI.

What have I missed?
Ben Snell
Super Contributor.

Re: SQL to delete from History Lines?


Rerun the select query - if this picks up teh records chances are that the delete did not work. if you have to run the delete statement again make sure that you have a COMMIT command afterwards.

The App server does cache some data - try a restart and see if that helps.

Peter Dent
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: SQL to delete from History Lines?

The SQL wasn't picking up the records, that's what I couldn't understand.

Also at first I wasn't running the Commit.

It turned out that some of the records had been deleted but not all.

They didn't all have the same text string, so I wasn't identifing all the records in the first place.

It's all done now though.

Thanks for your help.