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SQL Server 2005, connection refused, SP12

Tom Hag
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SQL Server 2005, connection refused, SP12


I am trying to set up a vmware server with SD 4.5 SP12 and SQL server 2005 for a test environment. My client is runnig SQL Server 2005 and SD 4.5 SP12 in a production environment.

I have created a SQL server login, with db_owner permissions on the database.

When I try to connect to the database via JDBC (application server) I get an error; "connection refused".

I am able to set up ODBC to the database.

I have copied all the files from the original servers lib catalogue, which are able to connect (my client's production environment).
Tulio Quinones
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Re: SQL Server 2005, connection refused, SP12

SQL 2005 is supported in SP 19.

From the SP19 release notes:

SQL Server 2005 is officially supported as underlying database since Service Desk 4.5 service pack 19.

Important: For support SQL Server 2005, JDBC Driver should be upgraded manually

Remove \lib\Opta2000.jar

Copy \doc\itsm008421\Opta.jar to \lib\ directory.

Here is the link to the enhancement request:

Rikard Ekman
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Re: SQL Server 2005, connection refused, SP12

Hello Thomas,

I have messed around with sql2005 in sd4.5 and 5.x even if not supported I generraly get one of two different problems, that is solvable with workarounds:

1. The authentification model is different in sql2005, more options can be set therefore the create db user doesn't work. - Can go around this by manually create db user...
2. The differnce by CAPITAL and noncapital in querys... Strange this one.. Didn't know sql syntax where case sensitive, but for some reason this is the case with sql2005? Maybe some setting.. First symptom is that you can not connect becase the case has changed on the user name or something..

Don't know if it helps you, but recheck, dubbelcheck that case on user name for example havent changed...
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