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SP23 upgrade - clearing fields in business rule issue

David Borojevic
Outstanding Contributor.

SP23 upgrade - clearing fields in business rule issue

We have upgraded from SP17 to SP23 and were aware of an issue with Business Rules:

If Rule uses field (eg "Email to Client" field)
Then in seperate action in same rule the field is cleared, the clear action may occur first resulting in an empty email.

We confirmed this error in testing prior to the upgrade and have changed the rule so that a separate rule clears the field. After upgrading Production to SP23 we tested the issue before importing the modified rules and the issue doesn't occur!?!???

Anyone had experience with this? It is nicer to have one rule so don't want to change it if it is OK to clear a field in the same rule that uses the field.

Is it perhaps an OS/Hardware issue related to multithreading? - Maybe our old Blade server for Production is not multithreading the actions??? (Dev is a VMWare Server guest on a newer box?)

Thanks in advance.

Gerry Allardice
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Re: SP23 upgrade - clearing fields in business rule issue

Hi David,

How are you going down there, looking at SM7 yet?
As of SP20 (or maybe SP21) sending of email is asynchronous so you can't rely on the timing/order of the email sending in the rule. In all the places where I have used this method I have had to use an additional 4K field. Modify the exiting rule to copy the 4k to the new 4K and then clear it as it does now. Trigger and send the email off the new 4k when it changes but don't clear it. This way it still has the data whenever the email gets around to being sent.

David Borojevic
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: SP23 upgrade - clearing fields in business rule issue

Thanks Gerry (it was your post that alerted me to the issue in the first place).

So we upgraded DEV from SP17 to SP23 and tested it and sure enough our email field was cleared before being emailed! So we changed the rule to email and set a boolean flag then had a subsequent rule clear the field and the boolean flag. All good.

We upgraded Production and tested before changing the rules and the issue DOES NOT occur! It has to be a multi-threading issue related to the Hardware, the OS, or the JAVA version as well as the OVSD SP version or some combo of these.