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SLM component with HP Service desk 4.5

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SLM component with HP Service desk 4.5


We're in the process of deploying the HP Service Desk module throughout the business and are interested in anyone’s comments/ideas on the implementation of SLA's and OLA's within the tool..


Karol Raffay
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Re: SLM component with HP Service desk 4.5

Optimal solution is start making Service catalogue including SLA's and OLA's.
In SLA description of First-response-time,reaction time,deadline,service level(availability service,support hours)etc.
Darren McGiffen
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Re: SLM component with HP Service desk 4.5

hi Leigh,

The SLM component of SD 4.5 is what the tool is ultimately geared for.

In this regard it is essential that all other aspects of SD are configured and stable before running the SLM gauntlet. SLM is not intuitive in this version and requires some insight of the tool's functionality with regard to reflecting SLA's and OLA's.

Having a services Catalog is a great place to start, but this will quickly become difficult to implement without a sound knowledge of the tool's abilities and the way in which it calculates metrics.

I would recommend 2 sources of reading:

1. the Service Desk help files. these can help provide the knowledge for implementation.
2. Section 6 of HP's IT Service Management Service Level Process Guide.

If you are not an HP employee I suggest contacting your sales rep to see if this information can be provided to you to assist with your process development alignment.

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Re: SLM component with HP Service desk 4.5

Thanks Darren and Karol,

Thanks for the tips on product and service catalogue suggestions. We have collated a service catalogue and identified key services for the Hp SD tool.

The thing thatâ s good me thinking is how you monitor OLA within the tool. It looks as if it caters for all SLA components and not really the other.

2 things Iâ m really searching for

1. How to measure internal support groups (olaâ s)
2. And how to cater for global services (we have different priorities/impacts depending on service locations---Opening hours and user bases)

Any further advise would be greatâ ¦

PS I have contacted the local HP account manager and he is doing what he canâ ¦