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SLA in Change Module

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SLA in Change Module


SD 4.5 can calculate 'Planned Finish' acoording to Service Level, but it only works in Service Calls and Incident modules. We try it in Change module but SD always calculate 'Planned Finish' with SLA 24x7. Is there anyway to SD 4.5 SP18 calculate 'Planned Finish' acoording to Service Level in Change module too?

Ruth Porter
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Re: SLA in Change Module

Hi there,

You can force this on work orders by using the option on a WO to set the Applied Calendarto be the opening hours for assigned work group. Then set up opening hours for each work group and then on a WO the planned times will take those into consideration.

Once you have them on a WO you can set the change to have a planned finish of the planned finish of the last WO.

Hope this helps, Ruth