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SLA bound to locations with OVSD 5.1

Raymond PAPAUX
Regular Contributor.

SLA bound to locations with OVSD 5.1


We are currently setting locations as Receivers of "SLA's and services". It requires extensive setup but works fine as it detects the SLA and automatically fills the "Caller Location", "Organization", SL, SLA fields, things that I'm looking for.
However there is a nasty side effect. Indeed a window pops-up with a location view which seems to ask to choose a location.
You can kill the window or select any location you like, this has no effect on the caller location selection which comes from the Person's configuration.
However that window is confusing and cumbersome.

Did someone go already through this issue? Do you know what would be the appropriate setup (system setting/SLA configuration) to get rid of it.

Thank's and Regards