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SLA and Service Call Assignment

Robert S. Falko
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SLA and Service Call Assignment

Hello all,

Am using ver 4.5 SP 18, and something has happened regarding the assignment of Service Calls which I cannot figure out.

We use a Service Call template that sets a default service. When the caller is completed, OVSD finds the correct SLA for the organization of that caller and sets the correct service level.

However, it does not correctly set the assignment. My understanding is that the assignment depends on the SLA (we have a Workgroup defined there, but no person). Something is indeed happening regarding the assignment, because if we have an assigned person or workgroup before entering the Caller, that assignment is cleared. But nothing is put in its place.

Furthermore, if I try to use a UI rule to make the assignment, based on a change in the SLA, in the Caller or in the Service, that UI rule gets triggered BEFORE the internal processing, so that assignment gets cleared, too.

I cannot figure out what is going wrong. I want the assignment to be to the workgroup defined in the SLA, and the assignment to person to be the current user (who will always be in the workgroup).

Thanks for any help.