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SD5.1 p2 & SMS

Super Collector

SD5.1 p2 & SMS


I'm stock with this error (attached) that appears when i try to do the import form the xml file with the sms information to the sd. The log shows this:

HP OpenView Data Exchange Import

Started at 6/6/07 1:01 AM
Import mappings set for
Processing XML file ovsdsmsdata.xml_1.xml
on entity HeaderReading data from XML file written at 06/06/2007 from sms
Finished reading XML file at 6/6/07 1:02 AM
Completed HP OpenView Data Exchange Import with 0 errors and 0 warnings
after 0 hours 1 minutes 19 seconds

0 errors and 0 warnings... so, what went wrong?

Thanks for your help
Super Collector

Re: SD5.1 p2 & SMS

The solution was increasing the jvm memory.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event