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SD5.1_SP3 HP/UX Invalid Char

Rikard Ekman
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SD5.1_SP3 HP/UX Invalid Char


Not many using SD5.1 on HP/UX, but maybe someone can help.

I installed 5.1_SP3 on hp/UX, and installation went ok, but failed to start ovc.
Well, when we tried to start the ovc we get the error ovcd failed xpl something invalid character.
Averything would have been so much simpler if the logfile could point on what xpl having the invalid char, but no.

So, if anyone feels like they have had the same, please with sugar on top, share the info.

I will put it to HP support, but since I need a quick sollution I felt I had to turn to you all..

Best Regards

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