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SD5.1 Assignment notification

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SD5.1 Assignment notification

I have SD5.1 Patch2 installed on windows 2003 I want to have the hp openview assignment notification working what I did is the following
1) Tool -> option -> Notification and I checked the â Show Assignment Notification when objects are assigned to me â
2) Person ->History lines -> Checked â Show Assignment Notification when objects are assigned to me â
In the fist 2 cases when I access the console and when an object is assigned to me nothing happens
3) I tried to Access it form start -> all programs ->Hp openview assignment notification
I put the username and password of the user then after that I get the attached error
I changed some setting in the ovconsol.bat
Still the same error. What am I missing ?

Ruth Porter
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Re: SD5.1 Assignment notification

Hi there,

To receive an assignment notification your account must be linked to a person record & if you want the notification when something is assigned to to work group, then the person must belong to a group. These are the first things to check.

As regards the error message have you got the "ignore client settings" box checked on system settings>general settings? Ensure it is unchecked & then you should find the OOTB bat files should work.

Hope this helps

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Re: SD5.1 Assignment notification

Dear Ruth,

As alwais you found the correct answer :) The account were not linked to the person
it worked on 1 client console i will close this itrc case when i will do all the test :)