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SD5.0 login

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SD5.0 login

Hi all,

I am using MS SQL 2K. I couldnt login to my console. My object server's status is aborted

Login error message is:
login using client settings file failed.Cannot connect to server. Check that the server name is correct,the server is reachable via the network, and the HP Openview server software is running.Attempting manual login...

I tried restarting the services but got error again with message Error in the target component.

Please help.
Many thanks.

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Re: SD5.0 login


I've got the same problem. After installing the SD5 using SQL 2K SP 3a on W2K SP 4.
ovc -status command shows that OVOBS is aborted thus preventing the DB access.
I re-installed the software to noavail.
The log files are pretty useless.

What next?

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Rubem Andrade
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Re: SD5.0 login

Hi there,

I guess that more people have the same problem like us. I rid in the Installation that the database server must be installed in separate. I didnt make this so this can be my problem, but I prefer to know the opinion of anyone of the phorum.
Tks and rgds,